I was just a stupid kid back then.

I take back every word that I said.
26 July
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I'm cute. Don't lie fucker. <3

Where the hell do I begin? Who knows. Hm.

As you should see by now, this is friends only, yes. It's for many reasons that you don't need to know. I am 19 years old, live in Springfield, OH, been in Ohio my whole life. It's not too exciting but I love it here for the most part (I just hate the cold). I can be extremely confusing and very loud. I have the greatest boyfriend, named Frank. You are jealous of him and his fast Eclipse. I am as happy as can be. But, I love my friends more the life, and without them there would be no me. So, thats saying I'll do anything for them.

I love to blare and scream loudly to my rock music that I so adore. For instance, by my LJ layout, you should see that I love Three Days Grace. They are my world. I met them at X-Fest 2k3 last year. This year's X-Fest kicked ass by the way. I am the biggest Linkin Park fan ever. I can't get enough of them. They are my world. Other bands I enjoy are Staind, Trapt, Chevelle, QOTSA, Disturbed, Taproot, Something Corporate, Alkaline Trio....and wayyy too many more to type.

I'm a pretty emotional person, I tend to cry over anything. I complain a lot, but I'm not a baby. Okay, maybe sometimes...but who isn't?

I feel like I haven't suceeded in much of my life just yet, I feel a bit like a failure in a few things-- afraid of the real life. But, I will soon be getting my butt in gear and changing this part of my profile life.

If you want to add me, add me. I will add you back if you are nice. :)

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Take Me Under by Three Days Grace & The Game by Trapt. Thank you. =]

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to the community __radical. Kthnx. Go and join. They are cool. :)